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Don't get left out, carbon prices are rising, yet individual investment opportunities have been limited. WealthGreen is breaking down those barriers, and inviting everyone to join the green revolution. Be a part of the solution and start investing in carbon credits for free.

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Unlocking the opportunity

As climate change poses an existential threat, carbon credits are becoming one of the fastest-growing asset classes. WealthGreen opens up access to this expanding market, allowing you to capitalise on this opportunity.

WealthGreen gives you access

WealthGreen makes it possible for everyone to trade carbon credits, a previously inaccessible investment opportunity, that can benefit both the planet and your wallet.

Financial and environmental returns

WealthGreen is using the power of investment to tackle the critical issue of climate change. Our goal is to stimulate investment returns, boost carbon projects and help reduce global CO emissions.

WealthGreen is committed to you

Ensuring the availability of high quality carbon credits

Guaranteeing account security with multi-factor authentication

Safeguarding your carbon assets' security

Maintaining 24/7 support across the app and website


Your questions, answered

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What is Ora?

Ora allows users to buy, sell and retire carbon credits. Ora gives retail traders access to the fast-growing carbon credit market enabling them to invest in a range of independently-verified carbon assets through a simple app.

What is a carbon credit?

A carbon credit is a digital certificate that proves a company or an environmental project has prevented or reduced the emission of one ton of carbon. Carbon credits are tradable assets which are used by businesses to offset their carbon emissions and achieve their net zero commitments.

What carbon credits can I invest in through Ora?

Ora lists a range of carbon credits for our customers to invest in. All credits we list have been verified by third party registries.

What is the minimum investment amount?

You can start investing in carbon credits on Ora with as little as £1.

Are there any fees?

Ora charges a service fee for facilitating the trading of carbon credits on our platform. There are currently no paid features or content behind a paywall.

How can I track and manage my investments?

You can use the Ora iOS app to track and manage your investments 24/7. The app provides real-time prices, an overview of your investments, and enables you to buy, sell and retire carbon credits in just a few taps.

What payment methods are supported?

Ora accepts payments via debit card, credit card and Apple Pay.

Can I use the Ora app without making a purchase?

Yes, the app can be used without purchase to keep track of carbon credit pricing and learn more about the world of carbon investing.

Is Ora available for Android?

Currently Ora is only available for iOS. But watch this space - the Android app is coming soon.

How does investing in carbon credits help the environment?

Investing in carbon credits is a way to directly contribute to worldwide sustainability goals. When you buy carbon credits, you're funding projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions. These can be things like renewable energy initiatives, tree planting programs, or new carbon capture technologies. If you want your financial actions to reflect your environmental values, investing in carbon credits can be a powerful way to invest with impact.

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